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I am an accomplished musician, and I just recently completed my Bachelor of Applied Music at Vancouver Community College. I can teach electric bass, guitar, theory, sight-reading, and solfege.

In the past I have had occupations both as a bass teacher and also as a math tutor. In both jobs, I tailored the lesson to the individual student's needs and skill levels. I was thrilled to witness each of my students improve in grades and performance over time.

I have a strong grasp of both classical and jazz harmony and I also possess an extensive knowledge of rhythms, chord inversions, and scales. I am also very familiar with the Kodaly method. I am fluent in a variety of styles including classical, rock, pop, jazz, funk, and R&B. I would thus be able to formulate an engaging lesson plan for students of all skill levels.


I offer bass lessons both in my home studio and in the comfort of your own home. My rate is $28 for a one hour lesson or $15 for a half hour lesson.

The Lesson by Victor Wooten:

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